• What We Do

    Welcome to Packed House. We are pretty unique. As in, we are the only one of our kind in Ireland. Oh, and we have 20 years experience doing what we do.

    What do we do? Simply put, we solve problems for Marketing Managers. We are a hybrid media company, we own and run Irish websites as well as exclusively partnering with a select group of international and Irish media brands to offer true scale and diversity of audiences. We connect brands with consumers within premium and trusted online environments. We do this through branded content, impactful ad formats and immersive experiences.

    We own and run well known Irish websites, Entertainment.ie, Rollercoaster.ie, Beaut.ie, FamilyFriendlyHQ.ie and TheSportsChronicle.com . We exclusively manage the advertising solutions for other mega media brands such as BBC.com, Shazam, VICE.com, Yahoo, Tumblr, WaterfordWhispersNews.com and others.

    Reaching 99% of Irish people online, our talented Brand Strategy Team creates advertising campaigns to live across our platforms in the form of branded content and ads. We help Marketing Teams reach the right audience in a meaningful and relevant way, to increase brand awareness, influence purchasing decision and drive sales on and offline.

    What we do
  • Our Experience

    We have 20 years of online publishing experience, and 10 years advertising experience working with over 320 brands.

    Our 22 person strong Brand Solutions Team consists of Client Strategy Managers, Brand Strategists, Head of Content Partnerships, Creative Director, Copywriters, Producers, Video and Multimedia Experts as well as Ad and Audience Managers.

    This team has sat on international Content Marketing Councils, shortlisted globally by the likes of GoPro for video and has won multiple awards. We know online marketing KPIs.

    We know content for brands. We know online audience behaviour.

    Right now, we are working with global brands such as Vodafone, Lidl, Diet Coke and Cadburys to provide effective advertising campaigns.

    We have the best talent in the business with staff from RTE, Irish Times Group, Google, Amazon, Diageo, Liberty Insurance, drinkaware.ie, we understand the marketing challenges brands face and we are a digital partner on providing a solution to those challenges.

    What we do