Jobs Alert: Content Creator and Graphic Designer

12th Jul 2019

Due to our rapid growth we are expanding the team and are looking for two new team members to fill the roles of a Graphic Designer and a Content Creator at Packed House. If you are interested please read the two job descriptions below and email your CV/portfolio to [email protected].

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Team: Creative Team

Job Description: The Graphic Designer role will be required to work on a variety of projects and across an array of mediums including web, print, identity and brand work, display and outdoor advertising, online advertising and motion graphics.

The primary role of the Graphic Designer is to work as part of the Creative Team in creating content for Packed.House websites, as well as external clients. To be successful in this position, you’ll be a self-starter, capable of delivering brilliant creative ideas, and show acute attention to detail.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Creative Team to develop visual solutions to client briefs that may then be applied to multiple formats and mediums across web, print and motion
  • Ensure all artwork produced meets the needs, requirements and brand values of each client
  • Design and develop identities for video series and podcasts on Packed.House platforms and for clients. This can include opening title design / motion graphics
  • Storyboard video content
  • Design and create a variety of assets across multiple mediums for Packed.House’s own brands and its clients
  • Assist the development team with the creation of graphic assets, including display banners, website mock-ups, logos and icons etc.
  • Help to produce internal sales and marketing materials to promote the agency and generate sales
  • Design and develop in-house and associated brand identities, guidelines and marketing materials
  • Stay on top of design trends and contribute new and fresh ideas to your work on a regular basis

Key Skills, Traits & Experience

  • Degree in Graphic Design, Visual Communication or similar
  • 2 years professional experience as a Graphic Designer or similar
  • Independent thinker
  • Problem Solver
  • Creative flair
  • A strong visual sense
  • Originality
  • Strong computer skills
  • Confidence to present and explain ideas to clients and colleagues
  • The ability to grasp client needs and consider practical solutions
  • The ability to pay attention to detail
  • The ability to balance work on several projects at a time
  • Good team-working skills
  • Flexibility
  • An awareness of the competitive business environment in which they work
  • Strong computer skills
  • An interest in graphics and typography

Computer Skills required

You will be required to be confident in the below software:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects

A strong understanding of the below software will be beneficial:

  • Adobe In Design
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

Job Title: Content Creator

Team: Creative Team

Job Description: A Content Creator is a well-rounded ‘creative content junkie’. A CC sits as part of dynamic, creative and active team, producing award winning content for both brands and editorial. Having a genuine passion for all kinds of digital content from insta-stories to long form video, to engaging and innovative display formats – a CC enjoys all ways to engage consumers online. Led by the Creative Director and Head of Content Partnerships, this role will deliver high quality, data driven content for advertisers and editorial every single day.

The core responsibilities are:

  • Use of filming and editing skills to create top class content for our websites
  • Work with the team to brainstorm brilliant ideas that reflect client’s goals and KPIs
  • Produce storyboards, scripts and treatments
  • Ability to write editorial articles across all Packed.House websites
  • Support the Editor in building out ‘Big Strategic Concepts’ to bring brands’ messages and stories to life on the owned digital publishing platforms and off-platform also
  • Take direction from the senior team to ensure all creative content is of the highest standard
  • Work alongside the senior team for large, detailed video shoots in the content studio or off-site
  • Hands-on creation of content; across articles, podcasts, video & social
  • Keep up to date on digital consumption trends and being an expert at how to engage people online
  • Work as a core member of the creative team on creating content for brands, and always maintaining a high-quality output of your work
  • Liaise with audience engagement managers to create campaigns that will exceed goals

The candidate must:

  • Have a qualification in journalism and media, marketing, film / TV production or something relevant
  • Have experience in pre-production and planning
  • Have a strong working knowledge of editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro
  • Have a good understanding of color temperature and grading
  • Have strong attention to detail with excellent grammar and spelling
  • Be very organised with data management and file management
  • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends when required
  • Shooting skills – able to demonstrate great creative shot choices
  • Sound production experience an advantage
  • Assertive but not aggressive
  • Have a good understanding of design thinking principles
  • Be efficient and quick
  • Be a ‘content champion’; if you make videos in your own spare time then this is the gig for you
  • Be a team player and self-starter at the same time
  • Ability to work collaboratively on a film set in multiple roles
  • Inspired by great work around you and willing to learn something new every day
  • Curious about content and media trends in the digital world
  • Consume digital media content and follow key accounts that make you want to watch