Recharge With Vodafone X

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Recharge with Vodafone X

Run Dates:
March 2019

The aim of this campaign was to create fresh new content and experiences on campus that is eye-catching and entertaining, with Vodafone X branding coming through strongly throughout, bringing a fun feel to everything with the bright, recognisable colour palette and playful tone of Vodafone X and

Vodafone X helps students to fuel their passions, enabling them to express their individuality and make their mark on the world more than any other network. As a platform ‘Make your mark’ is all about celebrating young people that are following their passions in a variety of different ways and helping them to continue to do so. Vodafone X is not here to define what a ‘passion’ is or isn’t, its purpose is to be the supporter and facilitator for these young individuals who are living them every day. From the frivolous to the more meaningful, each passion helps to develop the individual’s personal brand and contribute to their journey into adulthood. Each is just as valid as the next and we’re here to celebrate them all!

Solution: toured five Irish campus’s in partnership with Vodafone X to help students re-charge. We brought a pop-up coffee van to these campuses. We parked up and handed out 100 free coffees and mobile power banks to coincide with 100 Unlimited Weekend minutes when students sign up to Vodafone X.

We announced to students of these colleges that we were going to be on campus handing out free coffee and mobile power banks with Vodafone X via native articles on amplified to the bullseye audience on site, on social and also with the support of and student unions.

The Packed.House branded content team also created two videos for to drive awareness of the activation which we targeted to each of the five universities and their students and a second video asking students to share their hilarious X-rated stories in a vox-pop style video to drive reach and engagement with the target audience with general Vodafone X brand messaging.


  • Article views delivered by 256% to target
  • Video views delivered 135% to target
  • Campaign reached 100% of population of 18-24 year olds in Ireland when benchmarked against CSO stats (Source: Census of Population 2016 – Profile 3 An Age Profile of Ireland).

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