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Lidl Lupilu

Run Dates:
October 2018 – April 2019

Lidl wanted to increase awareness of the Lupilu brand and the range of products on offer to the target audience, communicate the key on sale dates of this product range throughout the year and increase percentage of customers who would consider Lidl when shopping within the baby category. Lidl also wanted a media partner with parenting expert credibility in the digital publisher landscape that could deliver this expertise to the forefront of the campaign, instilling that Lidl is a brand that understands parents needs’ and is offering parents trusted, quality products backed by experts.

We utilised our DMP and social listening tool to seek out the relevant life challenges of our target audience to determine how we could create solutions around this via the content of our partnership. We carried out research on our sites to determine content discovery, brand discovery, content engagement and what influences the target audience too. We also collaborated with our resident midwife at Avril Flynn to discover what topics would engage first time mums based on her experience of working with new mums every day. Both of these methods formed the bones of the strategy behind our multi-channel response to brief which comprised of an expert led video series, native articles, data led display and the hero piece within this partnership; our podcast series Motherboard. Lidl would be the first retailer in Ireland to embrace a content strategy of this format and roll out a podcast for Irish mums.

This collaboration was the first of its kind in Irish media. Packed.House and Lidl went beyond the boundaries of what other Irish parenting media owners cover. In this partnership we have a brand and a publisher collaborating to create fearless content that connected mums with the real issues they face. We executed a partnership based on real life parenting issues and unspoken topics delivered to first time mums through a multi-channel campaign of data-informed and expert driven podcast, video and written content hosted and fronted by resident midwife Avril Flynn. With access to Ireland’s largest parenting network as well as content distribution across DOOH and radio, we engaged first time mums, deepening the connection between Lidl and their bullseye customers, while driving awareness of the new Lupilu range.


  • 3 Million Reach
  • 967,867 Video Views
  • 24,289 Podcast Listens

Based on ongoing research as part of the partnership we have also identified that:

  • Lidl is #1 preferred supermarket visited ‘most often’ with our audience
  • +19% lift in those who visit Lidl most often when compared to pre campaign
  • Podcast listeners over index versus average site readers on brand awareness, brand recall, consideration to purchase, product purchase over competitors.
  • Lupilu brand awareness increased by 14% when compared to pre campaign. Awareness increased by 16% with Motherboard podcast listeners.
  • +8% lift in those who purchased Lupilu products
  • Podcast listeners are 36% more likely to have purchased Lupilu products most often than average site readers

Baby Lidl Lupilu

Baby Lidl Lupilu