GLT Case Study


Publisher:, supported by

Gum Litter Task Force

Run Dates:
June 2018 – September 2018

To encourage 15 – 34 year olds in Ireland to bin their gum and educate this audience that gum littering is wrong and has a consequence.

The messaging of this campaign needed to come to life and align with the interests of the target audience to create engagement with the campaign. We identified ‘Festivals’ as a common interest among most 15-34 year olds in Ireland. Festivals content naturally over indexes in consumption by the campaign target audience on

Gum Litter Task Force sponsored the festivals hub on during Summer 2018 to align themselves with content that we know the brand’s target audience want to read. To support this, we ran a series of festival themed native articles, youth social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat), festival themed video content that aligned with the brand message of binning your gum, as well as a series of competitions across and to win tickets to festivals and gigs in Ireland during the summer.


  • The campaign reached 560,000 Irish people aged 15 – 34
  • The audience spent 103,000 minutes engaged time reading our content or browsing the hub
  • The audience spent 93,000 minutes reading our content
  • The audience spent 4,800 minutes watching our video content
  • 37% of our audience recalled Gum Litter Task Force as the brand sponsor after being exposed to content on the Festivals Hub

Lads with bin at Electric Picnic
Their special bin